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Overview of TRUSPRAY® applications
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Cosmetics &
body care
With TRUSPRAY all classic care products can also be offered as an aerosol. In this way creams and lotions are easier to use, perfuming is longer-lasting.
More content with the same can size enhances customer satisfaction. Perfumed products are given a new quality (significantly better fragrance experience with fine fragrance).
  • Perfume Body Cream Spray
  • Perfume Body Lotion Spray
  • Perfume Soft Deodorant Spray
  • Soft Antiperspirant Spray
  • Self-Tanning Lotion Spray
Sun protection cosmetics Even application of all sun protection cosmetic products, no matter whether as oil, lotion, cream or gel.
Compact cans with long-lasting spray and optimal spray properties.
  • Sun Protection Oil Spray
  • Sun Protection Lotion Spray
  • Sun Protection Cream Spray
  • After Sun Lotion Spray
  • After Sun Cream Spray
  • After Sun Gel Spray
Hair care & styling With TRUSPRAY gels, creams, lotions and waxes can be used as aerosol sprays. This means a substantial improvement of application convenience and result.
At the same time the product content and spray duration are increased with the same can size. Air passengers as well as professional users in hairdresser salons appreciate this advantage.
TRUSPRAY makes hair styling mobile.
  • Classic Hair Styling Spray
  • Hair Styling Gel Spray
  • Wet Gel Spray
  • Hair Styling Wax Spray
  • Hair Repair Lotion Spray
  • Hair Repair Cream Spray
Household products Aerosol products with reduced gas concentration and higher viscosity support effectiveness in many household products.
The economic efficiency thanks to more usable can content increases at the same time.
  • Ironing Starch Spray
  • Spot Remover Spray
  • Insect Spray
  • Room Fragrance Spray
  • Wash Lotion Spray
  • Bile Soap Spray
  • Silver Cleaning Spray
  • Furniture Care Spray
  • Stainless Steel Spray
  • Ceramic Hob Spray
  • Shoe Care Spray
Technical care products Higher-viscosity products adhere better and longer to the surface. Used as an aerosol, they can be spread better and even reach places that are difficult to access.
  • High Viscosity Oil Sprays
  • Car Wax Sprays
  • Car Polish Sprays
  • Lubricant Sprays
  • Gliding Wax Sprays
  • Colour Point Sprays
  • Cleaning Sprays
  • Tar Remover Sprays